Happy Birthday Jesus! (12/25/16)

O Heavenly Father hallowed be thy name and the Savior of all hath won the game.

Playing for keeps of the souls of mankind, although written in will some will be left behind.

You gave yourself to God to be sacrificed for our sins and while we fight worldly ways you wish us to win.

Today is your birthday and we all celebrate with fellowship, giving, thankfulness and grace.

Together with our family and loved ones turning a blind eye to the hate, that has consumed the world around us but no one will debate.

Happy Birthday Jesus! I shout from my lungs. Giving praise unto you with the lyrics I have sung.

While naysayers declare today is not the actual day of your birth, all that matters to me is the compassion and forgiveness you’ve shown us on Earth.

Happy Birthday Jesus! I say to myself, alone and whining about the distance between my family and why I am never home.

Even on your birthday do you still continue your work in me ensuring that the wounds are healed and continuously easing hurt.

Even on your birthday do you continue to challenge faiths and because of that I am forever thankful to be filled with your grace.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Death to Deceit

I’m not the one you play Bob the Builder with because I keep a tool kit,

And when I cock back I empty a full clip just to prove that what I said wasn’t bullshit.

We’ve all felt that pain, we’ve all been there, we survived so you’ll be aiight.

Just don’t come ’round these parts with the drama ’cause you can’t sleep at night.

We exchange frequencies when I give your man love and motivation,

I push him past his limits, unlike you gassing mediocrity up like a station.

Inside me I can feel the changes, it looks like I have my mojo back

Brushed passed the cock-block and I feel my heart beat slow, it’s on full attack.

I must confess that I have no idea when love became so elusive

but it has been made clear that it is only his that is exclusive.

You know, Murder is a sin. Murder is a Sin. Murder. Is. A. Sin.

So what exactly is the punishment for killing someone within?

Much like you, I’ve broken down walls only to rebuild them again and again,

Looking deep into the mirror only to find that I’m looking more like men.

Hands steady, always at the gun range aimlessly hitting every target I see,

Keeping them at bay with warning shots so they cannot view the dead body.

I was in your corner. And she pushed me out of the window, then locked every door.

Outside, in the cold I sat on the curb with no umbrella enduring thunderstorms.

Eventually I ran in the rain but slipped and tumbled into the street,

I fell so hard, so fast but still ended up on my knees at his feet.

We have all been there hun, and some of us were on the inside.

“Murder is a sin”, he said, “Beautiful girl, don’t ever let them see you cry.”

Love from a Distance

Overflowing with emotion,

the price i’d pay for love? My last token.

Thank you’s and I forgive you’s are left unspoken.

I love you’s are seen as jokes and,

quick like the sand I disappeared again.

No longer seeking to love in a life of sin.

Chasing my dreams and conquered goals are my win.

Even if that meant letting go of the then.

Currently in the present envisioning your grin,

a masquerade for the pain that is buried within.

I say a prayer aloud, “Lord, watch over him”.

I pray you find you and thank the Lord, amen.

Two By Two- by Doux Cherie

Dear 22,

I’m writing this letter to you

Asking for this year to be filled with love

And blessings from the man above.

I’m asking for maturity

And for my rose to open and blossom;

To have strength to walk with confidence.

And to show the world I am promise

I am coming into this new age,

Using another strategy to win this game

Where I allow the inner me to come out

And for some I may not be the same.


Fuckboys must digress.


And only real men hold my attention.

And if he exemplifies the real definition of a man,

Then he won’t mind riding with me in my expansion.

Another step closer to graduation

And having a career, so my parents can relax.


Everything I do is for them.


It’s my gratitude and payback.

And with this positivity,

I need my friends by my side

Helping me grown and sharing growth

Cause we’re all on the same ride;

To go out I this world

And Have my head high. And not be afraid

To take what’s mine

Whether it’s in my fro or my braids.

I gotta set an example for my sisters

That women can conquer all

And no matter what obstacles come thy way

It can never be their downfall.


I end this letter

With a kiss and much love to you,

I hope you bring me SO much more,

At the age of twenty-two!

Doux Cherie

IG: doux_cheri

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