Writer’s Block Inspo

Hey there reader-writer,

You know those times when you want to write some fire but have no gasoline? Like, you know it’s within you but there seems to be some sort of blockage when you attempt at draining your thoughts?

It could be that you are unfocused, lazy, trying too hard, OR pressed to impress.

Cut it out.

There is no such thing as writer’s block they say. I agree, now. It’s not that there is a blockage, it’s a different flow that wants to be released but you want to hide it because you have deemed it as, muggy water.

What you may see as muggy water can be gasoline for others. It could also be inspiration for a piece that is trying to write itself. Let us read your worst. Let us hear your worst.

I encourage you to, release the water as I haveHere is my worst. Enjoy!

-Star Candelaria

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