Happy Birthday Jesus! (12/25/16)

O Heavenly Father hallowed be thy name and the Savior of all hath won the game.

Playing for keeps of the souls of mankind, although written in will some will be left behind.

You gave yourself to God to be sacrificed for our sins and while we fight worldly ways you wish us to win.

Today is your birthday and we all celebrate with fellowship, giving, thankfulness and grace.

Together with our family and loved ones turning a blind eye to the hate, that has consumed the world around us but no one will debate.

Happy Birthday Jesus! I shout from my lungs. Giving praise unto you with the lyrics I have sung.

While naysayers declare today is not the actual day of your birth, all that matters to me is the compassion and forgiveness you’ve shown us on Earth.

Happy Birthday Jesus! I say to myself, alone and whining about the distance between my family and why I am never home.

Even on your birthday do you still continue your work in me ensuring that the wounds are healed and continuously easing hurt.

Even on your birthday do you continue to challenge faiths and because of that I am forever thankful to be filled with your grace.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

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