Part Two

Our First Date

March 5, 2017 4:00pm


“Napping. What you doing?” I replied.

“Getting some things together.  It’s my bday so it’s a supreme situation all day.”

“Happy Birthday! You’re on the move, meanwhile I’m playing mom trying to get the other two up. Foxy in here singing and cooking like somebody auntie.”

“I feel you, well hit me up when y’all get moving.”

“Bet, we have massage appointments this afternoon, so we need to get moving soon.”

I laid in bed for twenty minutes as I mapped out the day plans. Other than our massages and our plan to dine at a soul food place, there was nothing else to do on a Sunday.


“So where is your appointment at? I can meet you there?”

“It’s at Essence Spa but that plan is scrapped because their electricity is out.”

“Your fake name too ha. Well, Damn. So what now? We going to the David Copperfield show you want to come?” he asked.

“Shh. It’s a real one, in a way. What time? Yes. How much are tickets?”

“I can get yours but I dunno if your friends want to come or not.”

“What time? It’s most likely going to be my twin and I.”

9 o’clock. $132. I got yours and it’s a table for four so your friend would be sat somewhere nearby if she came.”

If she came? Of course she’s coming. I’m not getting kidnapped out here, oh no.

“Okay, that’s perfect!”

When my Twin looked alive, functioning and welcoming of dialogue, I asked her to come. Since it wasn’t something she was dying to see, I offered to pay for half of her ticket. When we looked online, there was only one seat left in the theater. The seat was directly in front of his table.  

Too perfect.

“We literally found the only empty seat in the theater. I will see you later. We also decided to go for massages, they said they will light candles and the electricity may come back in during our sessions. I’ll text you after.”

“Okay cool. Just hit me up. We can meet at my place before?”

“Possibly, we have dinner plans. Where are you located?”

“The Cosmopolitan right now. 66th floor.”

“Okay. I’ll check back in with you later.”



We ended up meeting at will call.

“Kaya, Ian. Ian, Kaya.”

“Hi nice to see you again.” He said giving her a half hug. “Did you enjoy yourself last night?”

“I did. Those massages today were definitely needed.” She responded.

“Are y’all excited to see this?”

“Oh for sure. I’ve never been to a magic show.” I replied.

“Next in line.” The will call personnel called out to us. We moved forward. “Name?”

“A. Jackson.”

Ian chuckled.

“ID?” the personnel asked with her hand out.

I handed my ID over to her. “What’s funny Ian?”

“Nothing Ms. Jackson.” He smiled.

“Thank you. Here’s your ticket.” The personnel handed the ticket to my twin.

“Tell me what’s funny. I want to laugh too.”

“Okay. I can show you better than I can tell you,” he said as he removed his ID from his wallet, “My last name is Jackson too.”

“No way. Let me see that.” I reached for his ID. Sure enough, we shared the same last name.

“You know…”

“What, Mr. Jackson?” I teased.

“Nothing.” He said as he led us into the theater.

Inside the theater I was reintroduced to the couple from the previous night. I slid into the booth and sat next to the woman with Ian on my right. My twin sat directly in front of me and the lights went low.

David Copperfield and his crew put on a comedic and shocking magical experience. During an interactive portion Ian and I got a little cozy. I would go into detail about it but, you should go experience it for yourself. At some point, Copperfield brought out the cutest green foreigner I’d ever seen, and Ian joked that it looked like me.

When the show ended they invited us out on the strip, and my twin suggested I kick it with them since I wasn’t staying the whole week.

Absolutely not!

We made tentative plans to link up the next day instead. Completely satisfied with a one-time date in Vegas, if the plans fell through it would’ve been fine by me.

My twin and I went back to the timeshare and they all went on their way. We continued to text throughout the night until I fell asleep.

“Don’t forget to let me know when you wake!”

“I’m definitely not going to forget about yo sexy ass.”

Sure Vegas is sin city but with that temptation and my addiction, my willpower was winning. Winning big.

“Hey wyd.”


I woke up to a smiling creeper Foxy. “Are you making breakfast?” I asked.

“Ha no. We ran out of breakfast food. Dude I’m salty. I’m hungry.”

“I’m sure you’ll find something.”

“There’s nothing.” She whined. Kaya pulled the covers over her head.

“Shhhh. Let’s not wake the bear.” I giggled. I looked down at my phone and cackled.


“I got the booty call message. LOOK!”

“Ahhhhh. He thought!” we twerked in the kitchen.

“Look! We still have shit.” I swung the cabinet open wider and held up the liquor.

“Dude. I know you are not.”

“It’s Vegas. The V in Vegas stands for Vacation, which translates to ‘let’s get wasted’. I’m making a pitcher of sex on the beach.”

“Just waking up.” I responded as I grabbed more ingredients for breakfast.

“So how did your date go last night?” Justice spoke from across the room.

“It went well, surprisingly. I was mad comfortable,” I said, “But peep, that magic show was dope as fuck. I wish I could’ve taken photos.”

“How was he? Was there a vibe?” Foxy asked.

“Yes there was a vibe. What exactly that is, idk. Think he wants the cat. He was actually the perfect gentleman though. It was chill. Note, I didn’t get kidnapped.” My phone buzzed.

“Lol it be like that. I wanted to see you again before I left.”

I started the blender. “Yea, I totally don’t remember falling asleep either. And me too.”

“Ima send a Lyft to bring you over here. If you’re down….”

I poured my drink into a glass and bounced over to Justice, jumping on her. “Am I down sis? AM I DOWN?” I laughed showing her the message.


“Nah. Can’t eem do it bra.” Foxy chimed in.

I woke the sleeping bear from her half slumber. “What do you think, should I entertain this?”

She sucked her teeth at me. “Lex. You already know you’re not going.”

I laughed. “But you know, maaaaybe it could just be a link up. We could hang out by the pool. Have a pool side chat. Couple drinks. Maybe some fruit.”

We cackled and I heard the others laughing too. “You know damn well if you go over there, you’re fucking.”

“True. But I’m not fucking. Hashtag, celibate.” “What are you trying to do?” I finally responded.

“Well we got ‘til 11… just chill, watch a movie, I can give a decent massage. See where it goes from there… Idk if you’re drinking this early or not but that’s always available lol food etc.”

“Hmmm. This sounds like some fun kind of trouble. I’m trying to behave though..”

“There’s no such thing as behaving in Vegas. This is sin city. Besides, I dunno when I’ll see you again and we should make the most of each moment.”

“All facts lol”

“So send me your address and let me know when you’re ready?”

“I want to see you too. Outside. Daylight. Where the good women roam.”

“Lol bet. What would you like to do beautiful? My flight leaves at 1 and I have to check out at 11.”

“Brunch or gamble?”

“I don’t have an appetite, but we can definitely do something slow. You play poker?”

“Na, I only know how to play blackjack.”

“Okay. Your casino? Mine? I’m about to get dressed.”

“Mine. Southpoint. You can bring your bags here and leave straight to the airport. 9940 S Las Vegas Blvd.”

“I’m on the way.”


“Alright y’all he is on the way and we’re going to the casino over yonder.”

“He’s coming in here?” they asked in unison.

I looked around. “Uhm. No. Ima just set his bag in here but no.”

“What will we do today?”

“Idk. It’s my last day, idk if y’all want to turn up or explore. Y’all have the remainder of the week to do whatever. Just let me know. How’s the sex on the beach Foxy?”

“It’s good good. Now that y’all bitches up I’m going to play music.” When the beat dropped we had a twerk session.

He arrived, I took his bag in and forced him to drink a sex on the beach with me. We walked over to the nearest Casino for more drinks and gambling. There we discussed our lives, careers, goals, family and weird quirks. Time dwindled, and he had to get going.

Back at the timeshare I brought a chair into the foyer. I sat on his lap, cowgirl. We waited for his Lyft to arrive and to kill time we talked some more. I must’ve been staring hard because he asked,

“What are you looking at?”

To which I responded, “Those juicy ass lips.”

He looked down at his phone, two minutes until arrival.

We kissed until the Lyft was marked as here.

“You know I can cancel this Lyft and reschedule this flight.”

“Lol no. Not a good idea. You should get back.”

“Damn.” We kissed again.

I gave him his bag, “Goodbye.”

“I’ll see you soon.” he replied.

I laughed.

“Thank you for being the perfect gentleman. Have a safe flight!”

“You’re welcome. It got tough at the end there but no problem lol it was very nice meeting you. Hit me up when you’re on the way home.”

“I agree and okay, will do.”

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