Thee Poetry List

My writing journey began with a poem. Now I possess an excessive amount. Here’s a few, let me know what you think!

Limitless Flow

They call the Earth “Mother” for a reason. In this poem, the W in women stands for Water.

The Weeping Willow

Someone once said I was like a light for moths and it just so happens that a species of moths are attracted to my favorite tree. For those with short attention spans, just read the first and the last line.

Dangers of Loving

Whew, it’s the wording for me. Fun fact: this is my favorite poem

Death to Deceit

D2D is a poetrap about the vantage points of infidelity

Domesticated Abuse

A poem to bring awareness to the emotional aspect of abuse. No woman on Earth is dumb or weak for staying. What’s weak is the systems that are being torn down, by men, which were created to protect/shield/teach women.

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