1) I met this dope artist in Washington, D.C. outside of Busboys & Poets. She was painting on smaller canvasses and her artwork was colorful. I was tempted to buy them all but I purchased one instead, and it dried on the walk to the station. When I got home, I hung it up near where I pray and I had the urge to write about how I viewed the painting.

2) An annual celebration on December 25th

3) I fell in love when life was breathed into me

4) My church, Crossroads-Oakley Campus, has a theme for each month and each sermon we are delivered a different message. This is how that message spoke to me. (I do not own the rights to the cover photo)

5) In a society where you are pressured to keep up with everyone around you, it’s can be difficult to be grateful for what you have.

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