In the Morning

Getting Ready: The Difference Between- Women I’m gonna swing from, the chandelier, the chandelier. I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist, like it doesn’t exist- Karen jumped up from her slumber and slid the ignore button to silence her alarm. At that moment, like every morning, she contemplated changing her ringtone. She rubbed her eyesContinue reading “In the Morning”

Beautiful. Bold. Black. -by SugaHoneyTeash

I Need to Know I’m Beautiful I need to know I’m beautiful I need to know it when I wake up in the morning with crust on my eye and drool on my cheek. I need to know it when my hair is a mess and my eyebrows ain’t on fleek. I need to knowContinue reading “Beautiful. Bold. Black. -by SugaHoneyTeash”

Happy Birthday Jesus! (12/25/16)

O Heavenly Father hallowed be thy name and the Savior of all hath won the game. Playing for keeps of the souls of mankind, although written in will some will be left behind. You gave yourself to God to be sacrificed for our sins and while we fight worldly ways you wish us to win.Continue reading “Happy Birthday Jesus! (12/25/16)”