Potentially Powerful

Young women, it is not your duty to rescue him. Young lady, it is not your duty to rescue him!

Hey girl… it is not your duty to rescue him.

There is potential in almost everyone that you meet. Almost everyone has the potential to be great and do positive things on any different level in life but this does not mean that you will be around to witness it let alone be the one to lead anyone to it. Especially a man. Why are you still waiting on potential? Girl let me tell you how much time I’ve wasted waiting around for a man to realize his potential and change up. I can tell you, and you’ll still waste your time because that’s just the way that faith works. Your belief in that man’s potential could be used in another area of your life, but who am I to tell you what to do? I see the potential in you too but am I going to lead you there?

Maybe so, likely not. Take a step back and revisit that.

Potentially Powerful 2


For those who believe in a higher power: Trust and know that you are being tested. Have you not learned from your own lessons in life that it is necessary for tough (and easy or medium) lessons to take place in order to cause the needed transformation in a being? Have you not learned to understand karma and its ways? Just to let you know, when you do bad, that bad can be done unto you or someone close to you, when you do good that good can be done unto you or someone close to you; when you play God, you will be taught that you are mortal; when you block a learning lesson in someone’s life, you will be forced to learn a new one in yours… do you understand this? There may be more to it, but did you understand that? Stop trying to control things that are out of your control. Especially the potential in men. Just as you are learning, so is he. Just as you must learn one thing from this person and the next thing from the next person, so must he. Just as you are destined for this thing and he is destined for that. This is life. It was designed and created for you before you were even granted life as a gift. Do you understand that there is someone (something) guiding you to where you need to be just as he/she (it) is doing the same for him?

If so, why are you still waiting on potential? Take a step back and revisit that.


For those who believe they are the higher power: Girl, you have a mighty power in this world, a way with words, maybe your aura has changed peoples’ energy around you, maybe your smile lights up the room, maybe you even walk on water and maybe you bleed gold. One thing you are not capable of is leading a man to his destiny. Being that you have embraced your power, whatever led you to that is most likely doing the same work in him. It is going to be the man who raises himself up and determines what his future will be. Not you. Do not wait around while he drains you of your power, to empower his.

Sis, why are you still waiting on potential? Take a step back and revisit that.


For those who believe in nothing: If you believe in nothing then why is it that you believe he even has potential?

Why are you still waiting on something you do not believe in? Take a step back and revisit that.


Potentially Powerful 1

For those who love metaphors: Imagine you are in the middle of the ocean. Stuck and treading water. You see a ship out about 1,200 feet or so away. A buoy rocking in the ocean 1,900 feet away. An island 1,400 feet away. Are you swimming to the ship, the buoy or the island?

The ship is the man you want to be with (the man of your dreams, the one with the potential), the buoy is your backup or go-to, and the island is your deepest self. I’ll ask again, are you swimming to the ship, the buoy or the island? Be honest.

Sure, you could take your chance at attempting to swim over to the ship but the ship is also sailing, how fast can you swim? Is the ship captain going to notice or see you in the water? How many sharks are in the water? What’s the tide like? Is the wake going to drown you? How salty is the salt water? How thirsty and tired are you? How strong is your will to get to that ship regardless of what is thrown your way? Just a few things to think about before you attempt at swimming towards that ship.

Potentially Powerful 3


Now, regarding the buoy, it is close. Looks safe because you’ll be out of the water and able to rest your limbs for a little while, you may even feel safe from whatever it is in the water but the buoy is temporary. How hot is it outside? Is the buoy large enough to ensure that you are protected from whatever lurks in the water? Could you fall asleep on the buoy and not drown to death in your sleep? Is there something else occupying the buoy? Just a few things to consider before you decide to settle on the buoy.


Potentially Powerful 4

Now, the island, the island is far right? I agree, but if you originally chose to attempt at catching that ship… is it really that far? Are you willing to put in the same effort to get to that island that you would’ve put in to get to that ship? Are you willing to take the chance, the same chance you were willing to take hopping onto that buoy? Do you have faith and see the potential in what may occur when you make it to the island, explore it and rest upon it?

Potentially Powerful 5


Why are you still waiting on the potential you see in other’s when it is your potential that needs your faith? Take a step back and revisit that.



*This piece was inspired by a conversation with my mentee ‘MvdiFv’

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2 thoughts on “Potentially Powerful

  1. The island. Swimming to the island and finding your deepest self is the best way to get the man of your dreams. You find who you really are, and before you find the best man for you, that’s what you have to discover: yourself. And then once you find yourself, you don’t have to deal with all the obstacles (the captain not noticing you, the tides, etc.) to get on the ship. You can board the ship from the island once you’ve found yourself.


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