That’s Black Face, And You’re Weird For Doing It.

Pop culture has re-centralized its focus on black women and this time, it has gone too far.

What the hell is this and why aren’t we charging for it??

Screenshot from IG


White women are literally imitating black women in every way.

From the lips, to the eyes, to hair, to the hips, to the thighs, to the butt, to the breasts, to the style and even our dialect.

Now only if they could imitate how to season food…


These frauds have deleted certain photos from their social media accounts to avoid further criticism, i’m sure, but why do it in the first place? I honestly want to know what made them wake up in the morning offer their skin to the tanning bed, purchase weaves or texturizes, and even go as far as to get injections.

Could it be that black women are the prototype for all women?


I say let’s give them a pass (ya’ll did let Kim K pass). It is said that the best form of flattery is imitation. While this is uber creepy, I can’t blame plain jane and boring betty for craving some of the attention that beautiful melanin enriched women have received. We make waves. Accomplish goals. Raise the bar. Fall and stand up tall:

Black women own about 2.4million of the businesses and are THE ONLY racial OR ethnic group with more business ownerships than male counterparts.


Black women are the most educated group in the United States.

Black women created hairstyling and hair products.

Black women fight (figuratively- with those votes and literally- with these hands)

Black women aren’t afraid to break molds and bust down doors because,

Black women created life (periodT)

So in essence, black women created these frauds. Rather than bash them into oblivion, we should create an account. Every creator knows it costs more to model after the prototype. Let’s add to the amount of black female owned businesses with this wave.


>>>>>>>Calling all frauds!<<<<<<<

For just FOUR* monthly payments of $99.99 YOU CAN PASS AS BLACK!!!

You still can’t say the n word. Ever. All you have to do is pay your fees to your local black owned business. If you are not located near one, simply hop in your car and drive to one. If you are SO far out that you cannot drive to a black owned business you are automatically ineligible for this program.


Prices will double on Black Friday.


*There are five payments in March.

Prices are subject to change. Prices may vary depending on how problematic you are. Prices may vary depending on how problematic you may become. Prices may vary, just because. 



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4 thoughts on “That’s Black Face, And You’re Weird For Doing It.

  1. You are petty for this and I appreciated every moment of it. Thank you for your humor because these people were getting on my nerves.


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