245(a)(1)- Fallon Diego

The last thing I can remember is my boyfriend nodding his head yes. I couldn’t admit this to the detective though. My lawyer told me not to say anything until she arrived.

~      ~

      “Babe stop, I have to go to work.”


“But do you see him right now? This is all for you. All you have to do is lay right there.” Jeremiah urged as he thrusted towards me.


I jumped up,  ran to the bathroom and locked the door so I could get dressed in peace.


“Remember that you started this Fallon and it’s going to get settled today.” he yelled from the other side.


Once I was ready, I made my way into the kitchen.


“So this is what she looks like four years later?”


“I didn’t take that long, sheesh.”


“Oh, okay. That’s how you feel?”


I bent down to hug him, “I’m just kidding, Happy Anniversary msn of the year.”


“You mean man of your life.”


Before he could get me in a headlock, I ducked. “I’ll see you later my love!”


I grabbed a bagel on the way out the door. Downstairs the driver helped me into the car. I slid into the back seat to the other side. The ten minute drive to my boss’s apartment building wasn’t enough for me to finish my bagel so I tossed it out the window when the car stopped.


“Good morning Fallon.” she greeted as she slid in beside me smelling like a freshly shampooed dog.


“Good morning Rebecca. I have your schedule here.” I said as I handed her the folder from my purse. “Today is a busy day for you but I made space for lunch with Todd.”


“Perfect. It has been awhile since I had an uninterrupted lunch hour.” she said as she reviewed the documents. “I won’t need you until the on o’clock conference meeting. Be sure to take better notes this time too, I had a tough time understanding your shorthand.”


The car stopped and she hopped out for her first meeting of the day as the driver took me straight to the office. Inside I was greeted by the security guard as I made my way toward the elevator. Our office was on the ninth floor, which was serviced by only one of the five elevator currently in use. I waited. My phone buzzed.


Hey babe, did you forget something?

Jeremiah I didn’t have time this morning remember…

Not that. You forgot your lunch!

Dammit. I guess I’ll have to– another text came  through before I could finish

Miss forgetful I’ll be by to drop it off. What time is your break?

Around noon, so 11:45?

See you then.

Thank you my love, you’re the best!

Man of the year. Man of your life. I title I wear proudly, but it doesn’t pay. I’ll add this to your tab of favors

Wow, petty.



The elevator smelled like fresh ass. A fart lingered as I held my breath praying that I’d make it to my floor without passing out.


I entered the office gasping for air. Shirley didn’t even speak, too busy reviewing the voice after-hours voice messages. Likewise, I went into my office and began sorting through the endless e-mails.


Time flew by and surprisingly no calls from Rebecca. On the rare occurrence that I finished work before lunch, I would walk a few blocks over to my favorite restaurant for a well-made Caesar salad and herb salmon.


I called Jeremiah.


“Hello my love, how about we go to lunch today?”


“Too late.” he said through the receiver as he barged into my office.


“Wow you don’t play around with time do you?”


“It is our anniversary.” he planted a juicy kiss on my forehead.


“This isn’t my meal prep ha ha.” he surprised me with my favorites. We sat on the floor as I cut into the salmon and sprinkled it on my salad.


“Your secretary didn’t even see me come in. She needs to get on her p’s and q’s.”


“Yea she seems to be distracted today, I’m going to check on her later. Hopefully it’s nothing serious.”


“Where’s Becky?”


“L O L you know if she heard you say that she’d probably fire me.” I giggled. “She is out until our next meeting. I’m hoping they cancel it and she just doesn’t come into the office at all. You know she threw shade this morning, talking about she can’t understand my shorthand.”


“What’d you write?”


“I’m assuming she’s referring to my usage of Nat’l instead of national and i.e. instead of example. She knows what it mean, she is just being a biah. She needs to get laid. Hopefully today’s lunch datewith Todd will set her right.” I spoke in between bites.


“Hm. Speaking of, it’s time I cash in this favor.”


“What?” I said through the fork hanging from my mouth. He stood and pulled me too. “Where are we going?”


He led me into the door with the male silhouette hanging from it.


“Ohmygah. Jeremiah, I–” he kissed my spot and my legs flew open. I dropped the fork on the floor. As I unraveled, he stripped me from my pantsuit. Naked we danced around the bathroom trying to be as quiet as we possibly could. We pressed up against the light switch and it clicked off.


We found our way into the only stall, he sat down and I sat on him. He was so deep I almost peed.


The door opened and the light came on. I shrieked.


The sound of heels clicking on the floor quickly approaching the stall made my heart beat quick.


“This is what you do when I’m out of the office Fallon?”


“Rebecca, no. I’m. Oh my gosh.” I said as I hid our naked bodies behind the door. I felt like a teenager all over again, except this time I wouldn’t be grounded. I’d be fired.


“No. Don’t hide.” She said calmly.


“What?” I was confused.


“Don’t hide him, I mean.” Rebecca said as she took her blazer off and threw it over the door.


“I’m not, he’s going to leave. Can we talk about this? Am I going to lose my job here?”


“We don’t have to talk about it.” She responded coyly. “You have two options. One– you get dressed and pack your office up. Two– you come from out of that stall and let me in so he can sip on this fine wine.”


“So that he can do what?” I cocked my head to the side.


“She wants me to eat her–” Jeremiah looked up at me.


“What’s it going to be Fallon?”


“Jeremiah, please get dressed. We are leaving.” I said as I grabbed my clothes. She had me fucked up.


Rebecca slid to the side, still looking into the stall. I peeked my head back in to see Jeremiah still sitting there.


“Babe, do you really want to lose your job? We can’t afford our apartment and lifestyle with just one income.” He questioned me, still sitting there.


“Jeremiah, get up. I’m not playing with you and I won’t repeat myself again.”


“He made a great point and it’s just head.” Rebecca said as I reached down for my blouse.


“Is the offer still on the table?” Jeremiah questioned.


“It’s actually under this skirt.” Rebecca replied. “Are you saying yes?”


Jeremiah nodded his head in the affirmative.


The world went black and when I came to I was in handcuffs.


There was blood on the floor and in between my toes. I had to wait until the stretchers were in the ambulance before they moved me. Shirley was speaking with one of the officers and shaking her head in disbelief as the other officer read me my rights and escorted me out.

~      ~


“Okay Miss Diego, you’re the only one that isn’t in the hospital. This doesn’t look good for you. You still have time to decide whether or not you will work with us, we just want to understand what happened in that office.” the detective said as I concentrated my attention on the wall behind his head. “It’s your choice and your freedom on the line not mine.” He said as he gathered his files and left the interrogation room.



This short was written in response to a suggestion made by IG: autyfrancisco The main character Fallon Diego, is my dedication to you for the submission. ❤ Check out her work on autumnfrancisco.com



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