Self. Love.

Relax. This isn’t your typical piece on how important self-care is. It’s just a list of self care practices that you can implement in your lifestyle.

1)      When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself how awesome you are. Be thankful for the ability to see another day and then tell yourself again to get up and go get it! (If the Lord so wakes you, do not insult him by returning to a slumber state. An idle mind is a conquerable mind.)


2)      When you see your reflection in the mirror upon waking up, greet the person looking back at you with a “Hey Handsome!” or a “Good Morning Beautiful!” Most of us tend to scoff at the unruly eyebrows, ‘Dwight’ around the lips and/or sleep in the eyes. Embrace those things, be the first to acknowledge your true self.


3)      Rub on the areas of your body you don’t like or feel can be enhanced or changed in some way. As you rub those areas tell yourself how much you appreciate them being there. Example: Rub on the butt that you believe is too small in comparison to the botched built booties! Love that booty and tell that booty that it’s perfect for your figure.


4)      Instead of paying someone else, break out your old foot bath or sit on the edge of your tub and soak your feet. Go to work (on Myra’s toes) on them with your pumice stone and dead skin scraper. Add bubbles for your piglets to play in! Massage them. I know you’re wondering about the hot towel wrap. Pro-Top: Run the hot water until it’s steaming, soak hand towels in the dangerously hot water and wring them out wearing gloves (kitchen/cleaning), it’s just like you’re at the salon. Side Note: this applies to men as well, crusty feet do not make you more manly.


5)      Spend some time alone. See what thoughts arise without the influence of social media, the television or any of your friends. Alone time could be meditation, reading a book, curling up with a furry animal and talking to it like it’s human, deep prayer etc. (naps don’t count) Pro-Tip: Take yourself to dinner and then to the movies (Date Yo’ Self!). Don’t be all in your head like Joan Clayton either.

Practice some self-love today

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