Black Woman for God-

The melaninated depiction of myself, bowing before God. Vulnerable, ready to be used for his purpose. Eager to give to the world and shamelessly doing so as she asks for guidance.
Her bareness shows she is unashamed and proud to share his glory. She has surrendered every inch of her being to Christ, like a newborn baby fresh out of the womb. She speaks to her father.
He listens.
Her wild hair is a collection of the needs of her brothers and sisters. It is a representation of the African roots from which she descended. Alas!
It is a metaphor for how powerful she is. Black woman. Untamed, uncontrollable and indescribable.
On hands and knees planted in faith, she sees with no eyes, hears with no ears. For she is the replication of God’s grace.
-Star Candelaria 2.9.17
Artist/Artwork: Calisma (

Published by Star

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