Fine like China

F- for fabulous

R- for reminiscing about the good times

I- for incredulous indiscretion that’s kept between us

E- for everlasting love for a sister-like mind

N- for the nefarious memes we used for crack attacks

D- for deliverance from things we didn’t know held us back.

For this FRIEND of mine i’ve shared thirteen years with,

the first person I told about my first kiss.

From smacking the tetherball around the pole, to

tossing the ball, missing and having to chug a brew.

From crying about the loss of other friendships

all the while strengthening our kinship.

From CHINA to AFRICA lands across seas,

back to Cincinnati with hearts on our sleeves.

Skype dates, phone calls and ten to twenty page texts.

And the water weight on shoulders because of an ex.

To: My Seoul Sister-Friend I just wanted to thank you!

-This poem is old, I hate you because you moved…

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