This blog is a combination of events and adjectives, stories and scripts. Words that are written to encourage, remind, transform and empower women.

Bell Hooks wrote,

Wise women offer generations of other women our lived experience that comes from heartache, suffering, mistakes and plain old everyday challenges that help us become aware of the pitfalls we need to beware/avoid/eliminate if we are to love & be loved;

which is not limited to romantic relationships.

Those shared experiences are written here in a phantasmic, connected, or cynically-comedic way by Creative Writer Star Candelaria. Through these words may you be encouraged, empowered and reminded that within your unique experience there are others who can relate.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I like your work. I think your voice would be a welcome addition to my site. Why should my blog be all about me? There is plenty of me on my site. Let’s have some guests over…

    Do you post once a week?

    How many followers do you have?

    How long have you been writing your blog?

    I have a diverse following. I think they’ll enjoy your work and gain insight.

    Thank you fro your interest. I appreciate you getting back to me!


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