Let’s Plan a Girl’s Trip

Girl’s Trip

Allow me to be the first to tell you that an all-girls trip should be on your priority list as a woman. Not only do you need to set aside time to be surrounded by your tribe. You also need that perfect getaway from your normal lifestyle. 

First things first: The Group Chat.

As you may already know, this is the most telling part of the girl’s trip process. In its initial phase, you or one of the other girls will create a chat group to include your tribe and extended friendships. 

Tip: Create the group chat in GroupMe. It’s easier to manage and not everyone has an iPhone. 

Note: this initial group will not be the final group. If it is the final group, please pat each other on the back because that is a major accomplishment in itself.


Well, that brings me to the second step: The Location.

Typically, you (or whoever initiated the idea) will have a location in mind. That location could be exciting for some and a ‘Nah, I’m good’ for others. 

You should expect that someone in the group will suggest somewhere else and attempt to change the plan. Affirm that the location is as is, and keep it pushing. Remove sis from the group if she’s not with it. No hard feelings, because there will be other trips. 

Tip if their presence will be missed: You can low key guilt trip her by suggesting that this will be the first of many for this group, nothing like FOMO to get people on board. 

Step three: The Budget!

Some women believe the budget should be the first step. Those are yearly budgeters that you want to keep around! However, for the sake of this article, it is step 3. 

For your trip budget, you will need to take a vote. 

You can create a poll in GroupMe and track who participates. Multiple polls can be created for queries such as price range for excursions, lodging per person, and food/drink per person, etc.

Tip: don’t create a new poll until the previous poll is voted on and agreed upon.

Step four: The Lodging!!

It’s not just about deciding on where to book. It is also about deciding on who will get the largest bed or bedroom and who will have to sleep in the open area/on the couch. The benefit of a group is that there is someone who will be willing to take one for the team. The little people always get the short end of the stick, so don’t volunteer your smallest friend. Allow them to volunteer on their own. Besides, if you can stretch out comfortably in a bathtub, you can take the couch for the team. 

Depending on your budget, everyone may end up sleeping equally comfy, in separate rooms, or sharing beds. 

Pro Tip: If the lodge is large enough, bring your own blow-up mattress and linens. 

Either way, the most important part is how much does the Hotel/Air BnB/HomeAway/Suite cost? Is it within your budget or significantly cheaper than your budget? 

Other factors to consider:

What are the amenities?

What are the house rules (if applicable)?

Is it near the action you seek or remote enough?

Is it renovated or run down?


Tip: If you are all booking flights somewhere, research all package sites such as Expedia. Adjust the budget as necessary.

Pro Tip: Whoever is making the deposit will be in charge of selecting a top 10 for lodging space. The top 10 should be multiple inputs from the group, not just your top 10. Once the top 10 is chosen, take a vote for the top 3 lodging spaces. 

Then you (depositor) decide on 2 lodging spaces for the rest of the group to vote between. (if there is a tie, then you would also vote on your number 1 pick.)

Step five: Making the Payments!!!!!

Pay the deposit. 

Pro Tip: divide the deposit into two and then divide that number by each person going. Collect that cost from each person immediately! Just because the full payment is going on your card doesn’t mean you should suffer too much from anyone dropping out last minute. 

Create a payment schedule. Whenever the final payment is due to the lodging, you should have four payments due to you in the meantime. Some women may need to wait and pay in full but, I encourage you all to make smaller payments throughout so there will be no excuses about being forgetful. Or someone not having the large lump sum at the last minute. Some women may pay upfront, out of sight, out of mind, but put that money towards the lodging immediately… 

Tip: If you are all booking flights somewhere, research all package sites such as Expedia.

Once the final payment is made. Celebrate! (Unless, of course, a pandemic hits and cancels all travel plans.)

Step six: The Committees

Committees are super necessary for a girl’s trip, especially if it’s a long trip or a cabin trip. 

Once the mini committee’s duties are filled, and final payments are sent, you are officially ready for your Girl’s Trip! Have Fun, Be Safe, Relax, Rejuvenate, and Turn up! 

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