Thankful For What’s Next

“Okay then Big Ari!” I said as I bopped my head to and fro. My puff bounced as a mass and the beat thumped through my car.

After the first listen I turned the radio off and pulled up the lyrics. As I read them I was taken aback. So we thanking our exes now are we?

Oh Hell nah!

Thank them for what? Learning a lesson? Causing tears to pour from the inner depths our souls? Being the cause of abandonment and trust issues?

How could you learn from them when they weren’t the teacher?

I am a firm believer that our lives are in the hands of an omnipresent being that has already written a will for what will occur for our growth. It doesn’t matter who is sent to deliver the message but where the message is coming from.

The message didn’t originate from your ex and you do not have to thank them for anything. Whatever you experienced occurred because it was meant to shape you. The same lesson would have come at any given moment from any given person but only by the will of one being. In addition, if you didn’t learn what you were supposed to that being will send another in a different form.

I’ll be damned if I give thanks to a ain’t shit man for inflicting excessive amounts of pain on me in the name of patience. As if they knew their mistreatment would shape you into anything other than a shattered heart balled up on the floor. As if they deserve credit for any of your greatness. TUH!

The emotional hurt, the psychological confusion and the unexplainable pains that you endured in your previous relationship is all that you got from those men. Nothing more. Nothing less. (unless you have a baby)

The lessons you were taught in spite of the aforementioned came from your creator. Say thank you, now what’s next?

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